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Wondering Whether In Home Care is Right For Your Loved One? Ask These 4 Questions

a graphic showing that about one in four people die at home

Coming to terms with the fact that your parent or loved one may need senior care management can be a difficult task. There are many choices to make during this time, and one of the most important involves where and how your loved one will receive his or her care. Whether they’re in need of Alzheimer’s care or just need some extra assistance completing daily tasks, local in home care may be the best solution. If you’re exploring alternatives to traditional senior housing in a separate facility, you may want to consider enlisting the help of the best in home care Seattle has to offer. But before you decide, you should ask these four questions about your loved one’s needs and the current state of the home:

What kind of care is needed?

What type of care will your loved one need? Do they require just a little bit of extra help getting around and completing tasks, or do they require more extensive medical care? In home care is possible for around-the-clock needs, but senior in home care is often best when someone needs help with tasks, transportation, basic medical needs, or companionship. In addition, Alzheimer’s care services can be provided in the home, which is oftentimes a huge benefit for dementia patients. Opting for a familiar environment is often preferred over the added stress and confusion of being moved into a new facility.


What are some considerations with the home?

Is the home in a centralized location? Is it easy to access? Will your loved one have difficulty leaving and returning to his or her home? In home caregivers can provide assistance in mobility and transportation for running errands, getting to and from appointments, and other activities. When you employ help from the best in home care Seattle has to offer, we’re able to take all of these considerations into account. If the home is safe and easily accessible for your loved one and for caregivers — and doesn’t require much maintenance — staying at home can be a viable option.


How often can you care for your loved one?

One of the biggest considerations for choosing in home care is how much support you alone can provide. Familial caregivers can easily become frustrated and burn out, but in home care can provide much-needed assistance so that you can enjoy the time with your loved one. If you aren’t able to provide full-time assistance, senior home care assures that your loved one will receive the help they need without putting undue stress on family members.


What does your loved one want?

The majority of us say we’d like to die at home, although only about one in four people actually do. If your loved one has expressed the desire to stay at home for as long as possible — and if it’s medically advisable to do so — it’s important to at least explore the possibility of in home care. Seniors want to know their voices are being heard, and if it’s a medically viable option, in home care can provide an important connection to your loved one’s life and sense of identity.


Whether your loved one needs a little extra help or you require supplemental assistance, a home care service can be the perfect solution. With our skilled and knowledgeable staff, we offer some of the best in home care Seattle has to provide. Please contact us today to find out more about the senior care options that are at your disposal.

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