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Unique medical circumstances can feel overwhelming

take care of family to give you back peace of mind. Trust us with in-home specialized care

in-home Specialized Care

alzheimer's & Dementia

Cognitive impairment can be frustrating and isolating. Let our Fedelta caregivers and nurses alleviate the many mental and physical barriers that can come with Alzheimer’s.


You don’t have to take your ALS journey alone. After an ALS diagnosis many people find support for their ongoing physical and emotional changes through in-home care.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS affects energy levels, mobility, bodily functions and can result in sensory changes. With a customized care plan and ongoing assessments, you can focus on regaining independence and autonomy. 

Heart Health​

Our Fedelta care team knows that if you’re living with a heart disease, heart health is your priority. Our total wellness approach to heart health takes your physical, emotional and environmental needs into account.


If you or a loved one is living with Parkinson’s, know that you aren’t alone. Our team specializes in treating neurological disorders allowing people to live healthily and happily in the comfort of their own home.


Managing diabetes with the assistance of a caregiver or nurse at home is easier than you might’ve imagined. From testing your blood glucose levels and meal planning to exercise and medication management, the Fedelta team is here to help you create a sustainable routine. 

trusted since 2004

For 18 years, Fedelta’s specialized care team has been providing families across the Puget Sound with flexible, integrated care. We believe that home remains the safest place for you or your loved one. 

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in-home Care

You aren’t alone in your journey

Family Caregiver burnout is very real. More than 65 million people provide care for a loved one and In-Home Care services can ease the stress of taking care of family. 

Fedelta offers flexible in-home care options to suit you and your family’s needs. We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all care is the solution. Our customized care options set us apart from other in-home care providers and we’re proud of that. 

Ready to get started? Call one of our care advisors today! Our lines are open 24/7. 

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Whether you’re aging, in recovery or living with a disability or illness, you don’t have to feel alone. With flexible care management options, our team is here to support you through whatever challenges you face.

Not Sure Exactly Where To Start? Download Our Home Care Check-List or call us 24/7. Our lines are always open!

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Let’s Build Your Specialized Care Plan​

Our expert care team is here to help you build a customized care plan with flexible shifts.

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Home Care Checklist

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At Fedelta Home Care, we want you to make the best decision based on the needs of you and your loved ones. That’s why we created the Home Care Checklist! Download it now to see what services you might need to get started.