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Professional Care Management

We understand how challenging it can be to navigate the waters of major life transitions such as aging, injury, and illness. Fedelta Care Management’s expert Care Managers provide the guidance and advocacy you need to secure safe and cost-effective long-term care solutions. You and your loved ones can restore their quality of life by maximizing independence, safety and comfort.

The Path to Restoring Your Quality of Life

What is Care Management?

Our Care Managers help you anticipate and manage the medical, financial, social, and emotional issues associated with aging, disability, special needs, recovery, chronic illness, and other medical conditions. We coordinate and oversee all aspects of care.
The Care Management process starts with one of Fedelta’s Care Managers meeting with your loved one to carry out a comprehensive care assessment. This assessment is to evaluate their physical needs, nutritional requirements, medical history, cognitive abilities, social wellness, and legal and financial situation. Upon gathering this information, your Care Manager will build a customized care plan that prioritizes their care needs.

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A dedicated Care Manager can provide:

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Who is Care Management for?

Professional Care Management can be a valuable service for anyone, especially those dealing with:

Chronic illnesses such as:

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How Does Care Management Help?

Our Care Managers can provide advocacy for and serve as liaison between our Clients and other parties involved in their care. Whatever your role, our mission is the same as yours—to protect and advocate for vulnerable people. We are also an excellent source of referrals for families in need of any number of services, including: Legal, Medical, and Financial specialists as well as Senior Housing.

We Can Help


Family dynamics can cause families to “over care,” “under care,” or even not recognize the need for care. Our Care Managers serve as an objective
professional in assessing the needs, making recommendations, implementing services, and monitoring care as those needs change.

Wealth Managers & Trust Officers

Our Care Managers provide assessments and expert opinions for trust officers and wealth managers on appropriateness of care, cost analysis, care budgets, options, and resources.

Attorneys & Guardians

Our Care Managers provide long term care expertise which is highly sought after in the legal community. We provide assessments and expert opinions for guardians, powers of attorney, attorneys, and courts on appropriateness of care, cost analysis, care budgets, options, and resources.

Geriatric & Disability Specialists

With specialized education, training, and experience, our Care Managers develop customized care plans that enable individuals to live well with disabilities or while aging. We ensure that Clients receive the benefits they are entitled to and enjoy the highest quality of life. We offer support in problem-solving, decision-making, goal setting, and life skills coaching.

Discharge Planners & Social Workers

Our Care Managers work with discharge planners and social workers in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to ensure smooth transitions and prevent re-hospitalization. Patients with complex diseases, special needs, or cognitive impairments need more assistance to transition to a lower level of care. We help patients to efficiently move through the healthcare system and ensure that they are safely cared for during the next leg of their journey.

Senior Living Communities

Moving later in life is extremely difficult. Many seniors experience stress when adjusting to a senior living community. We work with senior living communities and families to assist in a smooth transition and aid in maintaining a happy home. We provide services to independent living communities, assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, adult family homes, and memory care units.

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