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Home Care for Seniors with Multiple Sclerosis

MS affects energy levels, mobility, bodily functions and can result in sensory changes. Through a customized plan of care and ongoing assessments, Fedelta families can focus on regaining independence and autonomy. Living comfortably and safely at home with Multiple Sclerosis isn’t just possible, it’s practical. 

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Fedelta’s Multiple Sclerosis care plans address your need for:

Ongoing assessments by Fedelta’s expertly trained Care Managers ensures that necessary safety provisions or physical modifications within the home are made. 

Caregiver reminders and assistance are altered when needed to maintain your highest level of safety, comfort and participation in daily activities of your choice. Reassurance and encouragement provided by each Multiple Sclerosis caregiver will support you as you as life altering physical and emotional changes occur.

Common Services Our Clients Seek Out When Looking For Multiple Sclerosis Care

an elderly couple dance in an outdoor space

Everyday Mobility

As we age we slow down a bit. It’s a natural part of life and having a skilled caregiver by your side can help you stay in the comfort of your own home peacefully and healthfully. Fedelta’s skilled caregivers are trained to assist with life’s everyday activities like eating, bathing, using the restroom and getting around the house. A slower pace of living is part of living with MS and our team is here to help you keep your daily routine in order. 

a female in-home caregiver meal preps for a client


From grocery shopping and meal prepping to cooking and menu planning, our team of caregivers offer their nutritional support expertise to keep you fueled. A wholesome and well-rounded diet is the foundation of healthy living. 

a caregiver helps their client with medication assistance

Medication Assistance

Managing medication and sticking to your doctor’s prescribed medication schedule can feel overwhelming and demanding. Our skilled nurses and caregivers are here to help you take the medication you need, when you need it. 

an elderly couple dance together outside

Life Enrichment

Our companion care team is a vibrant bunch always ready to make new friends. We all desire emotional, social, spiritual, physical and educational wellness. Fedelta caregivers can help you feel your best by bringing activities and events back to your life. 

a caregiver cuts a home cooked meal for their home care client

Dietary Modifications

As we age it’s inevitable that our preferences and diets will evolve. Caregivers can assist with dietary and feeding modifications such as low appetite management and hand-feeding support to choking prevention. Caregivers assist with maintaining adequate hydration as well as constipation prevention.

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