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Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Care

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Are home care costs covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other types of insurance?

Home care is typically paid for privately, or through a pre-existing long-term care insurance policy. If a long-term care insurance policy is activated, we will submit the ‘plan of care’ to the insurance company and make sure you get reimbursed for the care services. While Medicare reimburses for some outpatient therapies, it does not cover non-medical home care. Medicaid provides only limited home care if your assets and income meet the eligibility requirements. However, we have excellent Medicare partners who can assist you.

How do you hire your caregivers?

Our hiring process is a team effort, and is the most demanding in the industry. We screen our caregivers to confirm the high standards for which Fedelta is known. After certification and past training verifications, as well as reference checks, we collaborate to determine the most dependable, trustworthy and compassionate caregivers. A select few are then subject to rigorous interviews and testing, and only the top applicants are invited to join the Fedelta care team. They become licensed, bonded and insured employees of our agency — rather than contractors — which builds loyalty. In addition, our care coordinators are passionate about identifying just the right caregiver for your loved one. Please read our Caregiver Hiring page for more details.

Can Fedelta caregivers give medications?

Nurse Delegation offers a more cost-effective means to licensed nursing care when medication administration is required and family members are not available or they do not wish to accept this responsibility. Nurse Delegation allows our caregivers to receive specific direction to administer medications or perform procedures that might otherwise require a family member or medical professional to be present. This can be very helpful when your loved one can no longer take medications without assistance. Nurse Delegation requires specific training on tasks that are usually performed only by licensed nurses.

Does your agency require a contract?

No. If you are interested in our services we ask that you sign a Home Care Service Agreement which outlines the types of services provided. This agreement may be canceled with an 8-hour advance notice.

Do you provide 24-hour care services?

Yes. In addition to our hourly, overnight and value package shifts, we also provide 24-hour care. 24-hour care is available 7 days a week, and may be provided on an ongoing basis, or for standardized time periods (e.g. Monday-Friday) to allow family caregivers to work outside the home and assume weekend care. 24-hour care can also be arranged as a respite service to occasionally relieve family caregivers or for family vacations. Please read our Home Care overview for more details.

Can I hire my caregiver directly?

Yes. Our Direct Hire Program allows you to hire your caregiver directly for a small percentage of the caregiver’s annualized salary. In return, we will recruit, pre-screen, skill test, validate credentials, conduct behavioral and personality testing and present up to three candidates for you to interview. If you choose one of these candidates you will assume all insurance, tax and payroll liabilities. Read more about our Direct Hire Program.

Are you a franchise?

No. Franchise owners pay high fees to own a franchise. At Fedelta we are independently owned and invest our earnings into our caregiver wages and training. Additionally, our clients have more access to our on-call staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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