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Understanding the importance of companionship care for seniors

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As our population ages, the demand for companionship care is becoming increasingly essential. Companionship care, defined by the Department of Labor, provides care for an older adult or a disabled younger person by offering “fellowship” and “protection.” Fellowship includes engaging individuals in social, physical, or mental activities; protection means ensuring they are safe inside and outside the home. This form of care focuses primarily on emotional support and socialization, aiming to mitigate feelings of isolation that can lead to severe mental and physical health risks. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), these risks can include high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. In the context of home care agencies and the like, companionship care often includes services like housekeeping, transportation to medical appointments, running errands, conversation and friendship, and supporting physical activities. Companionship care is different from “home care” because the latter is typically regarding personal care services like support with bathing, dressing, and meal preparation.

The Benefits and Importance of Companionship Care

Health Benefits

One of the primary advantages of companionship is the significant reduction in loneliness. A study published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry involving over 2,000 veterans aged 60 and older found that 44% of them reported feeling lonely. However, the study highlighted that social support could successfully mitigate these feelings of loneliness. This reduction in loneliness leads to various health benefits, including improved mental stimulation and better memory.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Companionship care significantly enhances the quality of life for seniors. Engaging in hobbies, participating in outings, and being involved in social activities not only provide joy and fulfillment but also contribute to a more active and satisfying life. These activities also help maintain cognitive functions and overall well-being.

Family Peace of Mind

For family members, knowing that their loved ones are receiving adequate care and companionship provides immense relief. It ensures that seniors are not only cared for physically but are also emotionally supported, reducing the burden on family members and allowing them to focus on their own lives without constant worry. We have served many clients where most of the family live in a different state and are not able to accompany their loved one as frequently as they’d like. In these situations, we play a crucial role in frequently visiting the home to provide companionship and care.

Finding Companionship Care

Home Care Agencies

Home care agencies should be at the top of your list for companionship care! These agencies provide trained caregivers who can offer a range of services, from basic companionship to more comprehensive care. Since you are paying for a service, you can expect the best customer service and experienced caregivers. There are also many home care agencies across the country so you should be able to find service no matter where you live.

Senior Centers, Community Organizations, and Non-Profits

Many local senior centers have companionship programs and activities designed to help seniors socialize and receive support. Community groups, including churches and community centers, often have volunteer programs that provide companionship services. Organizations like AARP offer programs dedicated to providing companionship care. These are great low-cost options but these programs might limit their geographic reach and you will most likely not get support from a licensed caregiver.

Local Government and Social Services

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and other local government departments focused on aging and adult services often offer resources and programs designed to provide companionship and support to seniors. While these agencies don’t provide companionship services themselves, they can connect you with various companionship care options. We work closely with local government agencies, and they do fantastic work to support families.

As you have now read, companionship care plays a crucial role in enhancing the lives of individuals by providing emotional support, reducing loneliness, and improving overall quality of life. With a variety of options available, families can find the right companionship care provider to meet their needs and ensure their loved ones are well-supported and cared for.

Fedelta Home care

If you are looking for a companionship care provider in the Pacific Northwest, we may be able to help! At Fedelta, we believe that living happily, healthfully, and independently is not only possible but practical. Our care team is ready to help you with whatever you’re looking for.

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Since I live out of town, it means a lot to me to have the consistently dependable service I have received. My Mom has benefitted from the help of her home care providers and really enjoys their presence and diligent work. When necessary, replacements have been lined up promptly.
We have used Fedelta to provide companion care for my mom. Fedelta has always been able to provide staff as we have needed them even when our schedule changes.
The Fedelta Home Care team poses for a team photo in Federal Way
The Fedelta staff help us with medications, meals, laundry, driving to stores, shopping, medical appointments, companionship, haircuts, showers, cooking, cleaning and feeling that we can manage staying at home. They also help us work with our Long Term Care Insurance. It's amazing that this can all come from one team. They often do more for us than we expect. We live in another county. During the year we have been with Fedelta, we have not had to leave work early or make any sudden three hour drives to the family home in Seattle because Heather and her team are always there when we need them.
Two of the aides that have cared for me, Millie and Veronica, have been exceptional in seeing to all my needs, not just with daily tasks but with social interaction/companionship as well!
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