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It's National Nurses Month! 7 Ways To Thank a Nurse

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Back in 1993, the American Nurses Association officially marked the week of May 6–May 12 as National Nurses Week. And May 12th is a significant date to end the festivities, as it marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the famous historical statistician and nurse. 

There are 4 million registered nurses here in the United States and they play an integral role in the American healthcare system. We don’t often take the opportunity to reflect on how important and special they really are. For most of us, nurses have in one way or another impacted our lives for the better so there’s no reason to let nurse recognition go to the wayside. If you want to seize the chance to thank a nurse and help them feel appreciated during National Nurses Month, here are some thoughtful ways to participate in nurse recognition activities and make his or her day great. 

Write A Handwritten Letter Of Thanks

Call it old school, but nothing spreads the warm fuzzies like a handwritten thank you note. A letter is something your nurse might keep forever, especially if it reminds them why they do what they do. Don’t be afraid to share your sincerity with a nurse. It’s a demanding field and they may not spend as much time as they’d like getting to reflect on their work and its positive impact.

Show Your Sweet Side With Homemade Baked Goodies

Cakes, cupcakes, brownies or pie. Tarts, scones, muffins, cookies and buns. We won’t keep listing desserts to infinity, but you get the idea. Few things are better in life than a Tupperware full of homemade yummies. And if you make enough for a nurse to share with their colleagues, you’ll basically win National Nurses Month this year (not that it’s a competition). Nurses work their hearts out and they deserve more treats than anyone.

Give Them Energy With Samples Of Tea

Tea samplers are a fun and practical gift, especially for people you may not know very personally. Most tea companies offer some kind of a gift sampler—they’re usually beautifully boxed and are a thoughtful way to give energy and invigoration to a hardworking nurse. They also make for an interesting point of conversation. Give your favorite nurse a tea sampler then discuss which types they liked best!

Do Something Special With A Personalized Journal

This nurse recognition gift would be best for an in-home nurse you’ve known and worked with for a long time. A unique journal, with an inscription on the inside or even a personalized monogram on the outside, will let them know their services are invaluable and unforgettable. If your nurse doesn’t seem like the journaling type, maybe go for a quality planner. Everyone loves a little something to jot notes, appointments and ideas in.

Brighten Their Day With Seasonal Flowers

In early June, there are lots of beautiful seasonal flowers to choose from. In the Pacific Northwest, it’s a gorgeous time for daffodils, tulips, lavender, cherry blossoms and even some early roses. Find a colorful bouquet that’s sure to bring some late spring pop into their home and help them know they are loved. 

Help Them Relax With A Trip To The Spa

The nursing profession is inherently about caring for others so often nurses don’t get much time to care for themselves. You can help them feel pampered by giving them a gift card to a spa. Everyone has a different favorite spa activity, so try to choose a location that offers plenty of services to choose from. Whether they go for a shoulder massage or a pedicure, your thoughtfulness in giving them some time to kick back with self care will be dually appreciated. 

Call Or Email Just To Say Hi

While this is by far the most simple (and free!) suggestion on the list, it may be one of the most powerful. Nurses are usually only called upon when people need something. During this month of nurse recognition, why don’t you give a special nurse in your life a call or even an email? Just to check in and see how they are doing will bring a smile to their face.

Fedelta Home Care would be nothing without our at-home caregivers and nurses. Help us share our special thanks this National Nurses Month by letting your nurses know how important they are.

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