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Why Maintaining a Daily Routine Is Key to Your Loved One's Comfort

daily routine for seniors

Everyone yearns to know their place in the world. For seniors, who are often much more limited than they used to be, this struggle can cause significant mental distress. If you are caring for an aging loved one, maintaining their mental comfort is likely your top priority. Here’s how sticking to a daily routine can improve a senior’s mental health.

A daily routine adds structure to one’s life

Many seniors who receive daily care have already experienced some level of mental decline. As such, they may struggle to adjust to new patterns. Knowing what to expect from each day – a fixed time for meals, medications, and exercise, for example – helps seniors make sense of their world even after experiencing significant cognitive decline. You’ll still have plenty of chances to add variety to their life. Even so, a solid base of routine will help them to maintain their focus.

Routine creates a sense of self

When asked to describe yourself, how do you answer? Student, teacher, parent, child, leader… there are endless descriptions that we might use to define ourselves. Near the end of our lives, however, these terms and roles are upended. After decades of viewing themselves in a certain light, declining health forces seniors to adjust to a new reality. In addition, the onset of dementia may even take away much of their connection to their previous achievements. In such situations, a reliable daily routine can help our aging loved one’s hold on to their sense of self. Predictable patterns, such as repeating the same activities at the same time, provide the solid ground that your loved one’s need.

A flexible routine puts control in their hands

A caretaker’s role is to ensure that their loved one’s fundamental needs are met. Many small decisions, however, are best left in each individual’s hands. For example, you might provide a fixed meal time and healthy eating options, but allow your loved one to choose which meal to prepare. You might also schedule times in the day light exercise, but let your loved one choose what activity you will do together. Though those with advanced dementia may be extremely limited in their decision making ability, there is almost always some level of choice that can be left in their hands.

Keep your options open

With proper planning and guidance, your aging loved ones can have a rich, fulfilling routine that still provides the structure that they need to thrive. At Fedelta Home Care, our goal is to provide the resources and direction that your family needs to succeed. No matter what your loved one’s physical or mental limitations may be, our home care professionals can help them live the most fulfilling life possible. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home care servic

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