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Why Home Care Agencies Are Better Than Independent Caregivers

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When determining what kind of care to give your loved ones, the best course of action is often to set them up with an in-home caregiver to assist them with their daily tasks. This way, they can maintain a sense of normalcy while getting the help they need. With that decision made, though, comes the question of how you want to hire the caregiver: selecting one yourself or hiring through an agency. While each option has its pros and cons, this guide clearly illustrates why home care agencies are better than independent caregivers when choosing how to hire for your loved ones.

The Right Training

Not everyone requires the same needs with their care, but at the same time, it’s important to find a caregiver with the necessary qualifications to take care of your loved ones. If they need stronger medical attention, it would be much harder to find an independent caregiver who meets those requirements. Fortunately, a home care agency can make the search much easier, as many of the caregivers they employ have all the professional training and licenses required to provide more in-depth medical care.


Hiring is Easier

One of the main reasons why home care agencies are better than independent caregivers is that it’s much easier to hire through an agency. With an independent caregiver, you’re doing all the work yourself. That includes writing the job description, posting the listing, holding all the interviews, and screening candidates. Fortunately, senior care services in Seattle can give a quick in-home assessment and create a plan from there. As an extra bonus, if your family is unhappy with the caregiver the agency selects, they will go ahead and find a new one for you. It’s a much easier process than having to start all over again on your own.

Better Supervision

One particular challenge that comes with hiring an independent caregiver is a need to observe and ensure that they are doing their job properly and following the established care plan. With an agency, they have the ability to supervise the caregiver for you. Certain agencies have technology in place that monitors when caregivers clock in and out and complete the specific tasks the plan says they needed to for that day. If by some chance a caregiver falls ill or needs to go out of town, the agency will provide you with a substitute and quickly catch them up to ensure that your loved ones’ needs are still met, no matter what.

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