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Why Hire a Care Manager...Common Questions and Answers.

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Are you trying to care for your loved one while you live far away or are bogged down with work and family? One of the biggest reasons why we would encourage a family to use Care Management services for their loved one is because our Care Managers will serve as an advocate from the start of care. Our Care Managers are highly experienced and trained in evaluating and advising your loved one with the proper care plan.

We understand there are a lot of questions about why you might want to hire a Care Manager, or how Care Management services are different from Home Care services. We want to dive into those questions for you and make sure you have a good understanding of how they will be different for your loved one.

Exhibiting a positive attitude is an important element found in successful dementia caregivers. As you would expect with dementia, new challenges may arise each day. A dementia caregiver must be prepared to handle each new challenge as they come, no matter how difficult it may be. 

Continue reading to find out more tips on how to be a successful dementia caregiver.

Question: How will Care Management Services differ from Home Care services?

Answer: When you decide that your loved one needs care you will have an in-home assessment. These assessments are performed by our Care Managers, however if you choose to go with Home Care services the Care Manager will step out of the home and check-in periodically where if you choose Care Management the Care Manager will be involved more frequently in your loved one’s care. They will be conducting routine wellness and safety checks, manage medications, and act as a liaison between family, caregivers, and elders. When you receive Home Care services they are more focused on personal assistance, errands, meal preparation, and light housekeeping and are unable to help with all of the medical needs your loved one may face.  

Question: What circumstances are most suitable and valuable for using a care manager?

Answer: There are several circumstances where a Care Manager might be suitable for loved one. If your loved one has a chronic disease the disease may progress or change as time goes on. If you hire a Care Manager they will be trained to specifically watch for new symptoms or how the diseases is progressing and what care needs to be implemented. If you are living far away or unable to visit your loved one often and you believe they need assistance a Care Manager will be able to protect and watch your loved one’s symptoms. They will be able to provide resources to your loved one, accompany them to a medical appointment, and help facilitate important paperwork. These are just a few instances where a Care Manager would be a good fit for your loved one.

Question: When looking into companies that have Care Managers what specifically should I look into?

Answer: We understand that there may be some hesitation in regards to hiring a Care Manager. If you are going to trust someone to take care of your loved one, how do you know you have selected the best company? We encourage you to ask questions of Fedelta and other agencies in regards to certifications, licenses, how long they have been providing care management services, familiarity with area resources, availability for emergency situations, and fees. It is important to figure out what is important to you and your family and choose an agency that fits those needs.

Question: What is unique about Care Management services?

Answer: One of the best aspects of having a Care Manager working with your loved one it is it a continuous process of care. The Care Manager will perform an initial home care assessment, create a plan of care, and implement the plan of care. Once care has started they will be reviewing the client’s needs and adjusting the care plan as needed. There is a consistent evaluation of the care plan so that your loved one will stay safe and healthy.

If you have any additional questions regarding Care Management services please use these resources:

Fedelta know that it may be tricky to decide whether your loved one needs a Care Manager or not and we would be happy to work with you to discuss your concerns or needs. We do offer free in-home care assessments and can make recommendations based on your loved one’s conditions. Please contact us at 206.362.2366 if you would like to learn more.

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