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Who Qualifies for Homebound Status

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When it comes to healthcare and other services, people must ensure their eligibility before they can receive aid. This is especially true when it comes to individuals with physical limitations and disabilities. To help you access the best care, here is more information on who qualifies for homebound status.

What Is Homebound Status?

In essence, a homebound person is someone who cannot leave their home without significant difficulty. Furthermore, this means they do not usually leave their home at all. If this person does leave the house, they need the help of another person or special medical equipment. Homebound people typically are those who are advanced in age, ill, or disabled. In most cases, a physician’s assessment and signature are mandatory for homebound status to go into effect.

How Does Homebound Status Impact People?

It goes without saying that those who are homebound are already living with the impacts of age, illness, or disability. When someone has homebound status, though, they are eligible for certain forms of care and financial assistance from programs such as Medicare or the Veteran’s Association. These benefits are dependent on other aspects of a person’s financial assets or military history. However, receiving homebound status generally decreases the burden of care.

What Does This Mean for Home Care Options?

Though a person receives homebound status, they are not literally bound to their homes or at risk of losing their designation if they leave. Recipients of homebound status can still go on a handful of outings without forfeiting their classification. Such outings include religious services, healthcare visits, and physical therapy exercises such as walking around the block. Many healthcare providers and medical professionals will recommend in-home care for homebound individuals. This is the easiest way for people to remain somewhat independent in their own homes while receiving the medical attention they need.

Now that you know who qualifies for homebound status and how it impacts the lives of those individuals, consider meeting with a doctor today for an assessment. If you or a loved one needs in-home care or home care management, contact our specialists at Fedelta Home Care for more information. It is time for you to receive the care and attention you deserve.

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