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What Are the Health Benefits of Ongoing Foot Care?

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If independence and mobility are a priority for you, there’s one part of your body that might not be getting enough attention: your feet. For seniors, deteriorating foot health might be something that is assumed to be inevitable, but it isn’t. The health benefits of ongoing foot care are clear. Here are just some of the common issues that can be decreased or reversed through attentive foot care.

Foot Pain

Your feet take a lot of abuse. With each step (up to 10,000 steps per day, on average), every ounce of your body’s weight is concentrated on a very small area. Though some pain is normal after a long walk, long-term pain could indicate you’ve experienced a stress fracture. You don’t have to fall or be injured to break a bone; the normal wear and tear of walking is often enough to cause these tiny fractures.

The lesson? Never ignore long-term foot pain. Your foot-care routine should include regular check-ups – including X-rays, if necessary – to make sure no serious problems are being overlooked.

Nail Health

Trimming your own toenails is something you’ve done so many times you may not even think about your technique. However, are you sure you’re doing it right? In addition, your toenails may be thickening as you age, which makes the process more difficult. Since even small errors can lead to ingrown toenails – which, in turn, can cause abscesses and other serious health problems – receiving nail care training from one of our home care professionals would be an excellent choice.

Diabetic Foot Health

Diabetics need to take extremely good care of their feet. However, since older adults often experienced decreased flexibility, it might be hard – even impossible – for seniors to perform an adequate self-exam. Bruises, cuts and even abscesses might go unnoticed for far too long. One good idea is to use a mirror to thoroughly examine every part of the foot, especially the soles. Even so, there is no substitute for a regular exam from trained, professional eyes.

Corns, Callouses & Bunions

All three of these can cause pain, but there is no need for you to lose your mobility and independence. In the case of corns and callouses, the remedy may be as simple as adjusting the fit of your socks or shoes. Resolving bunion pain may be more complicated, possibly involving minor surgery. However, the important thing to remember is proper treatment can restore your quality of life.

Foot Care At Home

Though most of the problems we have talked about should be assessed by a professional, that doesn’t have to mean a time-consuming, expensive visit to a specialist. Fedelta Home Care’s nurses and other home care professionals are qualified to assist in nearly every aspect of your foot care routine.

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