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The Psychological Benefits of Senior Companion Care

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As your loved ones age, you don’t always have time to be there for them. Caregivers are a reliable addition to your support system that can provide everything from health care to companionship to the people that mean the most to you.


A good caregiver is one who is empathic, one who can feel what the patient is feeling. An empathic caregiver ensures that the patient does not feel uncomfortable. This type of caregiver will put himself or herself in the patient’s shoes and give them the best treatment.

If a patent is receiving home healthcare services, the caregiver will ensure that the patient has taken all the clinical prescribed medicines at the right time to avoid illnesses.


Another essential quality that a good caregiver has is compassion. Finding a caregiver who does her roles because she loves them, not because of the compensation, is impressive. Caregiving is challenging, and thus working with someone who is there for the money is hard.

Compassionate caregivers are always happy and positive that the patient will get better due to their high-quality services. These home caregivers are always looking for new ways to improve the lives of their patients.


Chances are you are not looking for sporadically in-home senior care, but instead, you need these services regularly. Therefore, working with a home caregiver who is available only on the weekends or twice a week is not worth it.

Find a dependable home caregiver who is available any time you call. Work with home care agencies that work 24 hours every day. The agency should be only one phone call away. The caregivers working with such agencies are highly trained, and thus you can depend on them to deliver any homecare service.

Dependability is a significant quality if your patient receives home healthcare services. The nurses sent by the agency should treat the patient any time they need help. Thus, it is vital to look at the working hours of a homecare agency.


It is not easy for a human to accept that they cannot fully take care of their daily activities without help. Therefore, patients are usually stubborn and uncooperative during the first days to weeks of receiving in-home senior care. Geriatric care is one of the fields that receive contention from patients. Therefore, it is vital to work with a caregiver who will not give up on the patient. The patient will soon give in and cooperate. A home caregiver who is not patient and flexible in different situations will have a hard time facing this situation.


When giving elderly home care, caregivers must be attentive about every detail of the patient. At times, the patient can’t or doesn’t communicate what is disturbing him or her. Attentive caregivers can notice any strange behaviors expressed by the patient and provide a solution immediately.

Even patients going through respite care need an attentive family member to assume the role of a caregiver. Attentiveness help curb dangerous problems that would have otherwise been prevented.


It is normal for humans to have personal problems, which may lead to mood changes. For this reason, it is critical to work with professional home caregivers, who can put their issues aside when they are with the seniors.

This is because the patients can feel the moodiness in the caregiver, and this will make them sad. This is detrimental to patients who are receiving home healthcare services as their sickness can get worse.

Around 80% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic disease, while 68% have two or more. Therefore, a high number of seniors receive home healthcare services. Thus, home caregivers should exhibit professionalism around them that they do not receive negative energy.

Home care services are important for elders to ensure that they are comfortable. These qualities should be considered when choosing a home caregiver to ensure that your patient receives high-quality home healthcare services. Fedelta Home Care ensures that you get a professional caregiver. Contact Fedelta at (206) 785-3622

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