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Tips for Transitioning From a Hospital to a Home

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You or someone you know might have spent some time in the hospital but are making their way back home. Regardless of what kind of hospital care you received, it’s still going to be a transition moving back home after being under the constant care of medical professionals. Here are some tips for transitioning from a hospital to a home to help.

Adjust the Home’s Environment

Before moving back into the home from the hospital, it’s important to inspect the home for any necessary changes to accommodate your condition. While the adjustments might vary depending on the hospital care you received, your home environment must be safe before you can move back. Some changes you might have to make to accommodate the current state of health might include adding a stairlift or safety step stools, making items more easily accessible by moving them to lower shelves, and more.

Get Easily Prepared Foods

In addition to making adjustments around your home, the next tip for transitioning from a hospital to a home is to get some nutritious foods that are easy to prepare. While there might be someone who can prepare meals for you, you still need to be ready for the times when this doesn’t happen, so a trip to the grocery store or a home delivery is a must.

Have Medications and Treatments Easily Accessible

You’ll also want to have medications and other forms of treatment ready to go, as well. This may mean ordering and picking up a prescription before you head home, but you should also have a first-aid kit easily accessible. If you are unable to drive yourself around, plan ahead to find someone who can.

Display Important Phone Numbers

When you are at home, you may still need to contact medical professionals, as well as family members. The best way to keep all these contacts in order is to have them displayed somewhere in the home. The most obvious place is right next to a home phone, but the refrigerator is another good location.

Consider In-Home Care

If you feel you or someone close to you needs extra help around the home with managing medication, prepping meals, keeping up with hygiene, and more, then you may want to consider inhome nursing care for elderly people. Professional caregivers can then provide the attention necessary when coming home after time spent in the hospital.

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