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Managing Chronic Disease Conditions for Elderly

Seniors in-home care options

Quality care starts with understanding the patient and being aware of the disease the patient is living with. Not only is it important for a caregiver to know if someone is trying to manage a chronic disease, but distinguishing what phase of the disease the person is currently facing.

When you, or a loved one, are living with a chronic disease it is important to receive special care that is focused on the individual’s needs.

It can be overwhelming for a family member, and for the person living with the chronic disease, to regulate care and health needs on their own. Any caregiver, whether family or professional, will need to have a good understanding of the disease, the treatment options, and how to manage the disease. There are things that need to be established including medication side effects, new dietary restrictions, new exercise plans, and fatigue management.

Communication can help expectations and release frustrations; however it is important to not let it consume your relationship. Both the person living with the illness, and the loved one trying to help with the illness, need to be open about the challenges, pain, and frustration that it is causing them. Understand that there may come a point in time where additional help is needed in order to ease stress, and help both parties feel safe, comforted, and at ease. It is important for everyone in the family to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the family caregiver may need to take a step back to help themselves relieve stress and stay positive.

We know that it may be hard to let someone else into the home to care for you or a loved one; however we want to reassure you that our caregivers are specialized in managing chronic diseases. Fedelta’s caregivers will learn more about individual preferences you may have, allowing that independence, while providing assistance and maintaining safety. Caregivers will also work with the family to make sure that everyone understands the level of care needed and being provided to their loved one.

Fedelta treats each patient individually, knowing that a different level of care will be required. A Care Manager will complete a comprehensive assessment unique to your disease, stage of disease, and living situation. Once this unique care plan has been created our nurse will work with the caregiver to make sure they take proper care of your family. Our care managers and nurses have continuous check-ins with the caregivers and families to make sure that the necessities of the patient haven’t changed and the caregiver is providing exceptional care.

Fedelta can provide expert care for almost any disease, however here are a few we often encounter:

If you interested in more information regarding caring for a loved one with a chronic disease we would encourage you to download a brochure from our living well series. We know that living with a chronic disease is possible and we want to help equip you with tools you need to help your loved ones continue living a fulfilled life.   

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