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The Importance of a Daily Routine for Seniors

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Each day, we all wake up and go about our work or activities. However, seniors living in various levels of independence often have a different day-to-day experience. That is why they need a routine. Here is the importance of a daily routine for seniors.

Reduces Stress

Daily routines are great for older adults who have retired. Whether they are in an assisted living situation or living on their own, having routines help them feel less anxiety about their day. When something unexpected happens, seniors have a harder time adjusting, especially if they are in the beginning stages of dementia.

Improves Sleep

Like all adults, seniors’ sleep improves with a consistent routine and bedtime. By allowing their circadian rhythm to adjust to a routine, they will be more alert when they wake up and drowsier when their bedtime approaches. Since many seniors have difficulty falling or staying asleep, a daily routine can help manage their insomnia.

Better Eating Habits

Having a routine also helps seniors control the number of times they eat in a day and when they do. Eating three well-rounded meals a day goes a long way to ensuring an older adult’s nutrition and digestive health. Meal prepping in advance can further impact the quality of food that seniors eat.

Helps with Meaning-making

Meaning-making is the process of creating purpose in your life. When seniors are faced with the harsh realities of age, they may lose interest in the things that previously brought them joy. However, a routine helps seniors have a purpose each morning. Though they have less control over their body and circumstances, they can control what they do in a day.

The importance of a daily routine for seniors cannot be overstated. It is one of the most significant parts of life at an advanced age. If you are looking for senior care, Seattle is home to one of our Fedelta Home Care offices. Give us a call today to plan the future of your loved one with ease.

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