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The Difference Between CNA and HHA

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When you are looking into medical assistance for your loved one, you have a few options. Depending on the situation, you can go with a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or a home health aide (HHA). Read on to understand the differences between CNA and HHA care.

CNA & HHA Responsibilities

CNAs and HHAs have different responsibilities when it comes to elderly care. Both take care of their patients by helping them bathe, eat, go to the bathroom, and more. However, HHAs will typically be focused on one patient, so they may do more duties like cooking, cleaning, household tasks, and more. Meanwhile, CNAs will be taking care of many patients by checking vitals and more medical care than an HHA. Depending on the state, HHAs may be able to give a client medication under the supervision of a nurse.

Work Enviornment

Another major difference between CNAs and HHAs is their work environments. HNAs will work at the patient’s home, which is why they can do more around the house. CNAs will operate out of a hospital in addition to providing in-home care, so they have more access to medical equipment and other resources. CNAs will typically have a larger workload because of this, however, they get the gratification of helping those who have more challenging needs. 

CNA & HHA Requirements

As far as requirements are concerned, HHAs only need a high school diploma or a GED but still have to go through plenty of formal training. For CNAs, a little bit more education is required. To become a CNA, candidates must take a program and pass a licensing exam administered by the state they work in.

CNA & HHA Salary

The final difference between HHAs and CNAs relates to their salaries. Because CNAs can work in different facilities and can perform more medical care, they earn more. The difference in salary pay isn’t substantial, but HHAs will generally earn a little bit less because they are employed by home care management agencies, as opposed to private medical clinics practices.

Knowing the difference between CNA and HHA care can help you and your family determine what level of care is best for your elderly loved one.

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