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Pediatric Home Care Nursing: Can Your Family Benefit?

pediatric home care nursing

When people think of home care services, home care for seniors is usually the first type of care that comes to mind. However, home care can be for any family member with specific medical needs, including infants and children. Pediatric home care nursing is great for families who have children who require consistent medical attention over short or long periods of time. 

Is pediatric home care nursing something your family should consider? Who can benefit from pediatric home health? What’s the hiring process like for the people working so closely with your child? Here are the answers to all of your important questions regarding pediatric home care nursing. 

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Who Can Benefit From Pediatric Home Health?

You may not be certain if your child could benefit from pediatric home care nursing. Pediatric home care nursing is perfect for children who are…

  • living with a tracheostomy
  • ventilator-dependent
  • transitioning from hospital to home
  • living with complex medical needs

If your child falls under any of these categories, our home care services Seattle team at Fedelta is happy to chat with you about how your family could benefit from customized pediatric home care.

How Can My Child And Family Benefit From Pediatric Home Care Services?

Caring for a child with medical needs is a big commitment. Your family doesn’t have to do it alone. There are many benefits of pediatric home care nursing. Some of these benefits include:

  • peace of mind for the whole family
  • one-on-one attention 
  • creation and maintenance of a bond between a medical professional and your child
  • medical attention from the comfort of your own home
  • reduced hospital visits
  • decreased chance of infection 
  • convenience 
  • hands on medical education from a skilled nurse pertaining to your child’s needs

Having access to a skilled nurse in your home can make a huge difference in your child’s health. It also takes some pressure off of parents who could use the extra support. A pediatric home nurse can watch your child while you get some much deserved rest. You’ll sleep easy knowing your child is in experienced hands.

What Services Are Included In Pediatric Home Care Nursing?

Skilled pediatric home nurses can perform a variety of medical tasks for you and your family. Some of these services include:

  • discussing and learning about your child’s symptoms and medical history 
  • administering medication 
  • monitoring your child’s vital signs 
  • properly cleaning stomas and other medical sights
  • regular ventilator care, monitoring, and upkeep 
  • overnight monitoring in the case of an emergency
  • physical therapy 
  • any other type of medical care that can be done from the comfort of your own home

What Is The Hiring And Vetting Process For Fedelta’s Home Care Services Seattle Team?

Fedelta’s hiring process is quite rigorous. We care deeply about having caring, compassionate and highly trained professionals on our team. All of our pediatric care nurses

  • have a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) license
  • have an active BLS certification
  • have Pediatric Nursing Experience
  • have a driver’s license and auto insurance
  • provide excellent hands-on care to patients at all times
  • are able to effectively communicate with parents/family members/guardians of patients in a respectful and professional manner

Fedelta also prefers that all of our nurses have ventilator and tracheostomy experience before even applying for a position with Fedelta. After rigorous interviewing and testing, Fedelta checks references and only allows the very top applicants to join the team. 

Our nurses are licensed, bonded, and insured employees of our agency — rather than contractors — which builds loyalty. We only allow the best of the best to work with our Fedelta families. 

Are Fedelta’s Pediatric Home Care Nursing Services Customizable?

Yes! We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all plans. Every service is customizable to your family’s needs. You only pay for what you need. You can take advantage of these services for as long or short of a time period as you need. 

Fedelta doesn’t believe in long term contracts. Rather, we have our families sign a Home Health Service Agreement which outlines the types of services provided, and this agreement may be canceled with an 8-hour advance notice. 

Fedelta will work to find the right nurse for you and your child. Please contact us for a free at-home consultation.

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