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Most Common In-Home Injuries for Seniors

Home Injuries for Seniors

When a senior lives independently in their own home, they can be more vulnerable to certain injuries due to their age. However, seniors can prevent many injuries simply by being aware of them and taking the necessary safety measures. For more details, find out the two most common in-home injuries for seniors, along with the best methods to prevent them, in this brief guide.



Many of the most common in-home injuries for seniors are fall-related. As you get older, mobility becomes limited, which makes seniors more prone to falling in their homes. Some serious injuries that can occur from a fall include:

  • Bone fractures in the hip, femur, pelvis, vertebrae, humerus, forearm, hand, leg, and ankle
  • Head trauma

There are several accommodations a senior can make in their home to reduce the chances of falling, including:

  • Installing stair lifts or ramps
  • Using a walker or cane
  • Adding non-slip mats or removing rugs completely
  • Wearing shoes
  • Installing railings in the shower
  • Moving in a home with no stairs


Another prevalent injury among the elderly are burns. Burns in elderly individuals typically come from memory, balance, or vision problems. A burn can vary in severity, and seniors must be cautious when doing activities such as cooking. A burn while cooking could potentially result in a house fire as well. This is why seniors must have homes with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and an easy way to dial 911.

Seek In-Home Care

If you are concerned about the independent living conditions of your loved one, there is another solution that can put them in a much safer position. With Fedelta’s Home Care Services in Washington, seniors can get the attention and care they need to help prevent falls and burns. Such care involves a professional caregiver who can treat potential injuries, call for help, prepare meals, run errands, and help with physical movement.

Seniors can age in peace, but they also need to be aware of the danger that comes with living at home. Making a few changes around the house and getting some assistance can go a long way in ensuring your loved one’s safety and protection.

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