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Is Your Family Ready for Unexpected Health Events?

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Tragedy can strike a family at any moment. Since many seniors have delicate health to begin with, they are particularly at risk for sudden health problems. Unexpected health events, however, don’t have to end in disaster. Families that are well prepared can weather difficult moments without succumbing to emotional stress, financial burdens, or physical decline. Is your family prepared for such times?

Preparing for unexpected health events

Though you cannot know exactly what health problems may arise in the future, some level of physical decline is a natural part of the aging process. As such, many of the natural steps you would take to prepare for you and your loved ones’ senior years will also prepare you for medical emergencies. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you and your loved ones are ready for unexpected health problems.


Involve the whole family in the planning process

Most serious health events – whether sudden or part of a long-term disease process – will require increased care from many family members. If not, the role of caregiver might fall to just one person, which is may be too heavy a burden to carry. In contrast, having open, frank conversations ahead of time will help your family to establish their future roles in the care process, helping all members understand what is expected of them and others.

Clarify your financial situation

For seniors, medical expenses are often one of their primary concerns. Regardless of your insurance coverage, severe or long-term health problems usually result in significant costs. In addition, a sudden health crisis will leave an unprepared family scrambling to figure out payment options. A discussion about one’s personal financial situation – perhaps ending with the selection of a medical and financial power of attorney – can help prevent emotional distress in emergency situations.

Financial planning is also critical in the case of gradual health decline. Though many seniors continue paying their own bills and managing their assets for many years, it’s impossible to know when one’s mental or physical condition will reach the point where financial independence is impossible. By discussing such issues in advance and choosing a financial representative, families can save themselves much confusion.

Choose the insurance that works for you

Whether personal health insurance continues to be a legal requirement or not, seniors are wise to obtain all the assistance that they can. Those over 65 are eligible for Medicare, which provides multiple tiers of service that cover hospital stays, medications, doctor’s visits and more. Depending on your personal circumstances, additional coverage may be prudent, which will help you be prepared for unexpected health events.

Use every resource available to you

When an unexpected medical crisis arises, it’s vital that the family come together and work as a team. Even then, the addition of outside resources and professional help can assist you to deal with, overcome and recover when faced with sudden tragedy. Professional counselors and caregivers are often the most valuable and cost-effective resource that you can find, as expert guidance can help smooth your path before, during and after a serious health event.

You've prepared. Now what?

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