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Is Home Health Care Tax Deductible?

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There are many health services that are deductible from your taxes. Money is often in short supply, so people are always looking for ways to make every dollar stretch. Knowing where the tax breaks are and what you can write off is a good way to offset the cost of home health care. Is home health care deductible? Some of it is, depending on what kind you are getting and other factors. At-home nursing services are deductible as laid out in Publication 502. It explains the itemized deduction for medical and dental expenses that you claim on Schedule A (form 1040).

Companies, like Fedelta Home Care, offer in-home nursing services to families. This means that we provide skilled, medical support from professionals, like yourself. Here’s what you should know about in-home nursing careers, and in-home nursing careers are on the rise in places like the Pacific Northwest.

What Are the Requirements?

The IRS has specific rules and regulations for everything, otherwise people would take advantage. Long-term home health care is no different. You can write it off under some conditions. There are three requirements that you must satisfy for home health care to be deductible.


  • The person getting the care must be chronically ill
  • A licensed healthcare professional must prescribe the care
  • The type of care must be on an approved list of care by the IRS

What Does Chronically Ill Mean?

The language in the requirements is important. The words “chronically ill” is defined by the IRS to mean a person who is not able to perform certain activities in their daily life. A person who is not able to perform at least two activates necessary in day-to-day life for at least 90 days is considered “chronically ill.” That can be any two of these actions:


  • Feeding themselves
  • Using the restroom unassisted
  • Basic mobility, moving from place to place
  • Bathing
  • Dressing


The other definition of “chronically ill” relates to cognitive impairment. Any person who has developmental problems or is cognitively impaired from a disease, condition, or as the result of an accident also qualifies. Anyone who requires significant and constant supervision or protection because of a cognitive impairment is considered “chronically ill” by the IRS.

What Kind of Care is Deductible?

Once the person is established as “chronically ill” and those conditions are met, their care is tax deductible, but only certain types of care qualify. Again, the IRS clearly defines what kind of care is deductible and what is not. These types of care are deductible:


  • Diagnostic
  • Preventative
  • Curing
  • Therapeutic
  • Mitigating
  • Treating
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Personal care services

Consult With a Professional

The information provided is merely a guide and is in no way to be considered all the information you need. It is best to consult a professional tax accountant or visit the IRS website to learn all the rules and regulations. They will be able to give you the full scope and all the requirements needed before you write anything off on your taxes. Always abide by all the tax laws and get all the information from licensed professionals when doing your taxes.

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Why work with Fedelta?

Fedelta values our nurses. LPNs and LVNs can make $34 or more an hour and RNs can make $37 or more an hour. RNs also have the opportunity to:

  • choose their hours and locations
  • earn up to a $5,500 hiring bonus
  • receive paid training of valuable Trach/Vent Skills

Fedelta offers a comprehensive compensation package, unlike ones you’ll find at hospitals. Our compensation packages include:  

  • premium pay 
  • the flexibility to create your own schedule 
  • one-on-one client care in an in-home environment
  • a Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance package
  • a 401(k) with employer matching 
  • dependent coverage
  • free continuing education classes 
  • a professional development scholarship program 
  • paid leave

You don’t have to quit being a nurse to avoid burn-out. Consider pivoting to a career as an in-home nurse with a trusted care agency, like Fedelta. If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in applying for a job at Fedelta, please do! We look forward to reviewing your application.

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