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In-Home Care Activities For Seniors In Redmond, WA

senior activities in redmond washington

Part of senior care management is finding activities that help break up routine and bring joy to the life of the senior you’re assisting. One of the best parts about home care Seattle is that it’s so close to many other exciting cities in Washington state. This means that you and your senior have a chance to explore everything the Evergreen State has to offer, one city or town at a time. Whether you’re a senior or an in-home caregiver, here are some fun activities in Redmond, WA that you’ll have a blast with!

Watch The Hot Air Balloons

Did you know that a lot of hot air balloon rides launch from Redmond? There are many hot air balloon companies in Washington state, and having the opportunity to spend an hour or two watching them take off and land can be as peaceful as enjoying fish in an aquarium. Part of senior care management involves finding trips like these that can be appreciated for little to no money, while still having a great impact on mood and overall well-being. Simply sit in the parking lot—if your senior has mobility issues—or make a picnic lunch and enjoy the hot air balloons in warmer weather from the grass.

Spend Time Outdoors On The Marymoor Connector Trail And Park

The outdoors are great for raising your spirits. One “can’t-miss place” in Redmond to visit is the Marymoor Connector Trail and Park. Marymoor Connector Trail and Park is great for seniors who love the outdoors and people watching. With over 500 acres of land, you can visit Marymoor again and again and have new adventures each time. Whether you’re watching people rock climb or just having a stroll or a picnic, you and your loved one will definitely appreciate the open space at Marymoor. There are even wheelchair-accessible trails, so everyone can enjoy the great outdoors. 

Satiate Your Sweet Tooth At Brugge Chocolates

Another place that’s definitely worth heading to in Redmond is Brugge Chocolates — a delicious place to grab a sweet treat. If you know that your senior has a sweet tooth, Brugge should be even higher on your list of caregiver activities to consider in Redmond! With a menu of confections and candies inspired by Europe, any chocolate from Brugge is sure to evoke fond memories. Boasting great prices and even better customer service, Brugge Chocolates is a great place to tack on to any of the other trips mentioned in this list. It’s the perfect way to end an outing.

Birdwatch From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

If mobility is something you’re always navigating with your senior, then sometimes it’s a good idea to bring the activity to your senior. With a simple pair of binoculars and a birdwatching guide, you can spend an afternoon watching birds from the comfort of your own home. Many times, learning more about the wildlife where you live can help you find a deeper appreciation for your home. Consider putting out birdseed or buying a bird feeder to ensure that you have a chance of seeing a Yellow Warbler or even a Bullock’s Oriole.

Peruse The Redmond Town Center

Redmond Town Center is an excellent destination for you and your senior to spend an afternoon—or a whole day! There’s often music being played in this area, which can be especially helpful for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia. With plenty of space and pleasant landscaping, you’ll be able to enjoy the ambiance even if you’re just planning on grabbing a hot tea or coffee. With countless shops and restaurants, there’s something for everyone at Redmond Town Center, making it a great option for repeat visits. 

Whether you’re planning a short day trip or a quick excursion, Redmond is definitely a destination that should be on your list. From shopping to nature, the area has a lot to offer seniors of all abilities and interests. If you’re on the hunt for new and exciting activities for seniors in Redmond, consider sharing this list with your senior or in-home caregiver to see what sparks their imagination.

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