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Your house’s layout: Is it safe?

Staying healthy as you age

Is your house easy to get around in? As a rule of thumb, single-level homes are safer than houses with two or more stories. For seniors – whether living alone or with others – navigating stairways could drastically increase the risk of serious falls. Thought should also be given to the placement of furniture, especially low objects and rugs that could cause trips and falls.

Geography: Where should you live?

Being independent doesn’t have to mean being isolated. Living close to family and loved ones isn’t just smart for practical reasons; it allows seniors the emotional satisfaction of maintaining close relationships with those they care about. Being able to easily check in (without feeling like they are intruding) also helps the whole family maintain peace of mind.

You’ve got mail…

… and medications, and glasses – almost anything can be purchased online. Today, even fresh groceries can be ordered online and delivered to your door, sometimes on the same day. Such services are common in and around metropolitan areas, such as Seattle and Puget Sound. These services are designed to be easy to use and are well within the capabilities of all, even seniors who don’t consider themselves to be computer experts. Ordering online isn’t meant to keep seniors home and inside, but it allows them the option to focus their valuable time and energy on other things, rather than spending it all on errands.

Plan together

It’s important to remember no matter how much a person values their independence, the decisions of one individual can affect an entire family. At the very least, it can be extremely helpful to keep the family informed and on the same page. Close bonds and relationships add meaning to our lives, and clear communication and cooperation are vital to that intimacy.

Build a support team

Just as going to the doctor early can help slow or stop the progress of an illness, accepting home care early on can minimize (or even eliminate) the need for nursing home care later in life. Our home care professionals are trained to help seniors maximize their independence and enjoy satisfying, rich lives. For those requiring a higher level of care, Fedelta Home Care offers full-time caregivers who can assist with every aspect of the care plan. Even for those who need minimal help, just a few hours per week of in-home assistance and companionship can make all the difference. If maintaining independence is important for you or a loved one, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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