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How To Prepare for a Hospital Discharge

a senior preparing for hospital discharge with the help of a nurse

Whether you visited the emergency room for a broken hip or planned surgery for a knee replacement, it is common for people to spend several nights in a hospital bed. Though you would rather be elsewhere, doctors must watch over your healing to ensure that treatment is complete. Once your attending physician clears you for release, you formally begin your exit from the hospital. Here is how to prepare for a hospital discharge.

Organize Your Medications

When you are in a hospital, you have nurses who organize and deliver your medications in the proper amounts at the correct times. However, when you leave this healthcare setting, you must manage these tasks on your own. Be sure to ask the doctor about your medications and how much you should take each day before leaving the hospital. This way, you can keep them organized once you return home.

Ask About Future Treatment

The hospital is typically just the first step in your medical journey. Whether you have a short- or long-term illness or injury, you will need future treatment in the form of checkups and more medications. These are essential aspects of your wellness that you should discuss with your healthcare provider before departing from the hospital. The shape of your future treatment will determine how you set up your home.

Know the Warning Signs

The hospital will only discharge you if they believe your health status is stable and on the mend. However, many hospitalizations result from serious sicknesses that could come back or manifest in new symptoms. Ask your doctors about the warning signs of infection after returning home so you can receive medical attention at the first hint of a problem.

Once you know how to prepare for a hospital discharge, you can get back home. After a hospitalization, if you have any home health needs, reach out to our team at Fedelta Home Care for post-hospital discharge care solutions that work for you.

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