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How Do You Decide Which Home Care Agency To Use?

How Do You Decide Which Home Care Agency To Use?

Fedelta Care Solutions has come up with an easy guide for you to use, which will help you, decide the best home care agency for you. We know the best questions to ask each agency, and what should be important deciding factors for hiring a caregiver and trusting someone to care for your family.

We have outlined four main steps that it is important to take in figuring out the best questions and information for each home care agency you are considering:

Step 1: Figure out agency services and best practices.

There are several important questions you should be asking about how the agency is operated. You may find that some of the answers do not impact your decision; however it is better to know everything upfront rather than find out later and be disappointed. Some of the important questions to ask include:

What licenses does the agency have for these services?

How quickly will the agency respond to my questions or request to start services?

Are the employees licensed, bonded, and insured?

Be sure that you are asking these questions and more to make sure you know how a company operates, how quickly they can assist you, and what certifications they have to keep you safe.

Step 2: Ask questions regarding caregiver information.

It is vital to ask questions about the caregivers that are employed with the company. Are they required to pass any exams? Will the agency do background checks, drug screenings, and abuse screenings on their caregivers before hiring them? Will the company offer caregiver replacement if the “fit” is not quite right?

It is a great idea to start asking these questions when speaking with different agencies because the company should know who they are sending to your home. You should be able to trust that your loved one is in good hands, and that they are with someone safe. It is also essential to know what certifications the caregiver might

Step 3: Supervision and documentation.

Learn how different agencies document and supervise your loved one after care has started. Figure out what it is that they are doing to make sure that your loved one is getting the proper care, that care needs are still being met, and that the caregiver and client are a good fit for each other.

Ask questions about how home assessments are done, what questions they are asking, what information are they gathering, and are they done over the phone or in person. Ask who is doing the assessments and valuations and what makes them qualified to assess the situation. Figure out how the company is supervising caregivers, and training them before bringing them into the home.


Step 4: Policies and cost.

Talk to the agency and ask about their policies, fees, and insurance. Ask questions about whether or not you can cancel the services, and how much of a notice you need to give before canceling. Learn about the company’s prices and what form of payment they accept.

Here at Fedelta we are proud that we are able to offer the highest quality of care and that we can be called a trusted home care provider. We know that we have the best of the best caregivers because of our rigorous screening process and training programs. 

We understand that you might still be hesitating. It’s difficult to really know who you can trust and what might be important to you. Call Fedelta to learn more, however we encourage you to use our home care checklist to ask those same important questions of our competitors.

Interested in all of the questions we think are important to ask each agency you are considering? Download the full in-home care checklist here.

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