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Home Care Myths & Facts Revealed

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How many of us have tried to have conversations with our family members about receiving extra care and the conversation fell flat? More often than not, we either don’t know enough information to present to our family, or they are eager to tune out. Fedelta has heard several home care myths and we will help you get to the bottom line and know the true facts about home care.

Home care is commonly misunderstood and therefore there are many people missing out on services that could be really valuable. Between misunderstanding which services are offered, who the services are meant for, the cost of home care, and the value that it can bring to someone’s life we are ready to reveal the facts of home care services.

Below are some common myths we hear about home care services:

Myth #1: Home care is only for seniors.

Fact: While home care is most commonly used for those entering a later stage of life, it is not only a service for seniors. Home Care services are also ideal for those who have recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease at any age, those who have had surgery and cannot easily move around their home, or those who feel unsafe with managing all of the everyday tasks at home.

Myth #2: If I use home care it means I am giving up my independence.

Fact: It can be difficult to let go and let someone help you with tasks. We understand that it may feel like you are losing your independence if you let someone come into your home and care for you. However, a professional caregiver can serve as a second set of eyes to make sure that you don’t leave your stove on after you make a meal, or to make sure that you don’t fall or trip over anything on the ground. They can help transport you to doctors’ appointments, grocery stores, or other errands to make sure you get around safely. We have found that by using a caregiver it does not mean you lose your independence, but rather help you keep your independence for longer by keeping you safe and healthy. You will be able to stay at home and do more things if you have a little extra help with every day tasks.

Myth #3: Home care is only necessary if I am really sick.

Fact: Some individuals may be using home care services to help aid in an illness, however several of our clients are using home care services and do not have an illness or disease. Services range from companion care for safety checks, housekeeping, conversations, social activities, to medication reminders, bathing, nurse delegation, and more. As you can see there is a range of needs that can be met through hiring a caregiver and overall the goal is to assist in helping people live more energetic, optimistic, and healthy lives.

Myth #4: Only the wealthy can afford home care services.

Fact: Home care is more affordable than people assume. Different services, locations, and hours of services will have different rates, which can also help in making it more affordable for your needs. In several instances home care may be more affordable than skilled nursing facilities, however we will make sure that we work with you and your unique situation to make sure you are receiving the most appropriate care for your needs, financial means, and level of care.

Myth #5: Home care rarely saves on health care costs.

act: Did you know that some of the most common reasons that seniors are admitted to the hospital is because of infections, medication problems, diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes? Home care aids can assist you in managing your health and wellbeing so that you will not have to be admitted or readmitted for these health concerns. Caregivers can assist with medication management to make sure that the correct medication is being taken and the right time and that nothing is impacting those medications. Home care aids can also assist with making sure that infections are controlled and being properly taken care of for your health. It is vital to have someone that can watch over your loved one to make sure that they are not being admitted to the hospital for something that could have been managed at home.

It might be helpful to also know more about hospital admissions for seniors, as well as who we serve and how our services are unique for every situation. Please view these resources for more information:

Fedelta has been a part of the home care industry for over 10 years and we have heard several myths about home care services and we want you to know that home care is probably not what you expect. It is a service created for the health and well-being for many, and it can be affordable. One of the best ways to figure out if home care is right for you or your loved one is to give us a call at 206.362.2366 or Toll Free 1-800-HOMECARE and we will walk  you through our process, services, and work with your unique situation.

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