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Gentle Ways to Promote In-Home Care for Your Aging Parents

In Home Care for Aging Parents

If your aging parents are experiencing a decline in their physical abilities and energy levels, you may be considering obtaining help from an in-home caregiver. Convincing your parents of this need, however, can be a struggle. After all, maintaining personal independence is an important part of anyone’s self-worth. Here are some subtle ways to gently promote in-home care while respecting your parent’s independence.

First, pay attention to their needs

When you spend time in your elderly loved one’s home, what needs are obvious to you? What tasks can they perform independently, and what do they need help with? Most importantly, what tasks are frustrating for them? If you can pick out issues that will be important to your parent, your arguments in favor of in-home care will be much more powerful.

Switch attention from them to yourself

Though they may not feel a personal need for extra help around the home, your parents may be willing to accept help if they can view it as a favor to you. You don’t want to make them feel guilty, so it’s best not to imply that they are a burden to you. Rather, emphasize the fact that a home caregiver would make you feel better and give you greater peace of mind.

Use empowering terms

Accepting one’s declining health takes a great deal of mental strength. As such, it’s vital to avoid negative or threatening terms. The word “caregiver,” for example, might be too closely associated with advanced disability and end-of-life care; for some seniors, these connotations might initially be too much to handle. In contrast, hiring a part-time “housekeeper” could be an acceptable stepping stone for seniors who are not yet ready to let go of their independence.

Work up to higher levels of in-home care

In fact, many seniors need little more than a housekeeper – at least early on. By starting small, you can ease your parents into the idea of accepting help without threatening their feelings of self-worth. In doing so, they will merely be joining the ranks of some 5 million adults who receive some form of in-home assistance. Since a full-service home care agency will offer a wide range of services, transitioning from one level of care to the next will be simple.

Keep a positive tone

Heated arguments never result in agreement. Though it can be intensely frustrating when the entire family does not see eye-to-eye, it’s generally best to bide your time until your loved one is more receptive to the idea of an in-home caregiver. Meanwhile, you can continue to gently advocate for what you believe is best.

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