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Four Home Accommodations Seniors Should Consider

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Many aging seniors prefer to reside at home rather than spending the rest of their days in a retirement home. However, the home can be a dangerous place for a loved one who lives on their own, which is why you may need to make some necessary safety changes first. Keep reading to discover some home accommodations seniors should consider.

In-Home Care

If your elderly loved one suffers from a condition that makes it difficult to complete everyday tasks, a caregiver might be a necessary option. A caregiver can help a senior stay on top of their medication, prepare meals, keep up with hygiene, and complete tasks around the home. If you are interested in exploring this route, Fedelta offers professional and compassionate in-home senior care across the Seattle area that you can tailor to your loved one’s needs.

Ramps or Stair Lifts

When seniors become less mobile, stairs can be quite a challenge and may even lead to a severe injury. Some great home accommodations seniors should consider include adding stair lifts or ramps to their homes. Easier mobility around the home can solve a lot of problems for seniors who are handicapped or use a cane to move around.


The kitchen is another area of the home that could use some changes for seniors, mainly when it comes to reaching items on shelves, whether that means reaching food or using appliances. Instead of using a stool and running the risk of injury, an easy accommodation is to make items easily accessible by lowering cabinets, countertops, tables, stovetops, and other kitchen features to fit their stature.


Seniors can have trouble keeping up with hygiene too, and a slippery bathroom floor may result in severe injury. Installing railings, adding seating to a shower, and changing the flooring are effective accommodations to ensure the safety of your loved one and help them stay on top of hygienic needs.

A home can still maintain its comfortable feel while also remaining safe for your aging loved one if you make these changes and get them the attention they need.

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