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Finding the Right Long-Term Home Care Solution

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Are you searching for the right type of home care for your parents? Are you at a crossroads between how much care is needed and the cost associated with home care? We understand that it may be tricky to determine the right type of care and it may be daunting to look over a rate sheet and try to determine what care is needed and the cost associated.

When trying to find a long-term solution it may be a good idea to ask a few questions:

  • Am I looking for preventative care?
  • Am I look for assistance with common everyday tasks?
  • Are most of my care needs non-medical?
  • How many hours a day do I need care/is it a specific time of the day that I need care?

These are just a few basic questions to get your feet of the ground and start considering whether you might be interested in short-shift care, companion care, or whether your home care needs may be more medical and nurse delegated tasks.

If the long-term care your loved one needs is to protect them from emergency hospital visits than you are taking the right step towards maintaining a healthy life and preventing serious healthcare costs. The right long-term home care may be as simple as a few hours a day or a few hours a week. Fedelta does offer unique short-shift options for families who are not needing or ready to have more than four hours of home care a day.

However, sometimes families reach a point where they know that heavy care is needed for the long-term and at this point the questions become a bit different:

  • Is my loved one needing round-the-clock care?
  • Will my loved one need a caregiver to be awake several times throughout the evening to assist with trips to the bathroom or medication reminders?
  • Is my loved one battling with a chronic disease and if so do they need assistance in managing the disease?
  • Does my loved one need an end-of-life companion or more specific nursing care needs?

These questions can help you identify the level of care that will be required and what the best long-term homecare solution for your loved one will be. This can help you figure out whether or not your loved one is going to need care all day and overnight, or need assistance with nursing tasks. It will also help you manage expectations when thinking about rates for the level of care needed.

If you are interested in more helpful questions in figuring out your loved one’s care needs we would encourage you to call our Intake Specialist to discuss these questions and set up your free in-home care assessment. Our Care Managers will be able to sit down with you and start the conversation about your loved ones long-term care needs. 

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