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Our number one priority is that each and every one of our clients will receive outstanding care from Fedelta Home Care. From the moment you call our office, to the time of assessment, and throughout your care, you will experience comfort, understanding, advice, and exceptional care. Each step with Fedelta Home Care will resemble our motto, “Outstanding Care, No Exceptions.”

In order to provide quality care, we understand that we have to hire the best in the industry. This not only means finding candidates with proper qualifications and skills, but also making sure that we hire each person to represent our goals for compassion, understanding, and responsibility.

Fedelta Home Care’s in-depth hiring and screening process ensures that we are hiring the industry’s most qualified and exceptional caregivers. So how do we hire the best and provide you with exceptional care?

  • Recruitment Process– Our HR team is dedicated to recruiting top talent to help nurture experienced caregivers into our hiring process. Along with posting our jobs on typical job boards, we also recruit through mycnajobs.com, a site allowing us to narrow our focus on already-certified CNAs, LPNs, and RNs.
  • Screening Process – The minute our applicants submit a job application; we start our screening process. We certify their credentials and make sure that they are up-to-date and accurate. We start with phone interviews to understand their interest, passion, and enthusiasm for working with Fedelta Home Care. If they pass our phone screen, we ask that our potential caregiver meet with our HR team for an in-person interview. We ask specific questions designed to let us know about their experience, to make sure they would be a great fit for our clients, and to make sure they have proper skills and competencies. If the caregiver has passed our interview process, we begin our background checking and skills testing to include:
    • Nationwide criminal background check
    • Sexual misconduct search
    • Driver and motor vehicle search
    • Verification of employment history
    • Credential and certification verifications
    • Skills and chart testing
    • First aid and CPR certification
    • English skills and chart testing
    • Behavioral and personality testing
    • Washington State Criminal Record Check
    • Random Drug Testing
    • Fingerprint record check


  • Caregiver Orientation – Each and every caregiver that is hired with us will attend an all-day orientation and introduction to Fedelta Home Care. Our orientations give us the opportunity to express the importance of our caregivers to every client, as well highlight the most successful and most admirable caregivers already with Fedelta Home Care. Each orientation session will begin with an introduction to Fedelta Home Care by Founder and CEO Steve Meyer, expectation-setting by our HR team, and detailed HIPAA and clinical information from Fedelta Home Care’s RN Director of Clinical Services, Cyndi Fuchek.  We take full advantage of having new caregivers have the advantage of the opportunity to meet the leadership team, spend time going over expectations, and invite them into the Fedelta Home Care family.
  • Caregiver Schedules and Client Matching – Once caregivers have been hired we take some time to sit down with them to get to know them better, understand their skills, and make sure we understand their “profile” for best client-caregiver matching. We understand that not all personalities match perfectly or that sometimes there are allergies to a pet. We try to capture all the information we will need to make sure we can properly match our caregivers to properly fit our client’s needs and long-term care goals.

We understand how important it is for our clients and their families to trust Fedelta Home Care’s caregivers and therefore we are open and upfront about our hiring and screening process. Our caregivers are at the heart of our care and what we do to support our clients. We are also proud to employ rather than contract out our caregivers, making sure that they receive benefits they may not receive at another home care agency. They have the highest hourly wages, medical, dental and vision benefits, 401(k) + company match, and more!

If you have any additional questions regarding our hiring and screening process, we would be happy to discuss the benefits of choosing Fedelta Home Care’s amazing caregivers. We know our caregivers are outstanding and our clients know it too:

“Rodi is an exceptional caregiver and always foresees what the next task is.”

“Thank you for your days here with my mother – she loved all you and trusted you. I bless you for your gentle care of her.”

For additional testimonials highlighting our caregivers, please read our Testimonials section

Long term home care, in particular, can help patients recovering from surgery or injury as well as patients with ongoing or chronic medical conditions, such as Alzheimers disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS. While this article focuses on ALS nursing care in the home, similar factors may be used in considering a Parkinson’s care plan or multiple sclerosis care plan, as well as planning dementia home care or Alzheimers home care.

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