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Exercises Seniors Can Do To Keep Their Minds Sharp

Exercises Seniors Can Do To Keep Their Minds Sharp

As you age, your brain develops certain patterns and perspectives that establish who you are. Though our brains are plastic and changeable throughout our whole lives, this plasticity decreases with age. To cultivate mental acuity, here are a few exercises seniors can do to keep their minds sharp.

Board or Card Games

Games are a hallmark of social gatherings, no matter your age. However, they become increasingly important to the vibrancy of mental life as you grow older. Board games and card games are full of variance and unpredictability that require creativity and attentiveness that few other situations demand. Seniors who want to keep their minds sharp should play games with friends for both social and mental exercise. Games such as chess, bridge, and sudoku puzzles can engage the minds of the elderly by themselves or in a group.

Study a New Language

Simply reading this heading may sound overwhelming. A new language at this age! Well, language learning pushes the mind in ways no other activity can. Languages require attention to detail, consistent recall, and grammatical creativity. Though older adults passed their optimum time for learning a language when they were in school, they are not incapable of learning. With daily encouragement, tailored teaching, and strong perseverance, seniors can become proficient in a new language.

Physical Exercise

Though it focuses on the movement of the body, physical exercise also engages the mind. With a small walk around the block or swim at a pool, older adults can examine the world around them and utilize the motor functions in their brains. If mobility limitations keep you from participating in walking or swimming, consider using a low-weight dumbbell to keep your muscles strong. Elongated, repetitive motions will do more for your musculature than you know.

Use these exercises seniors can do to keep their minds sharp to stay on top of the consequences of aging. If you have any questions about continued senior care or home health care in Everett, WA, reach out to our team here at Fedelta Home Care today!

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