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Exercise Essentials - How Staying Active Keeps Seniors Healthy and Independent

Exercise Essentials - How Staying Active Keeps Seniors Healthy and Independent

No matter their age, everyone struggles to keep up a regular exercise routine. As one ages, however, a healthy exercise regimen becomes more important than ever. The health benefits of an active lifestyle are more than worth the effort involved in maintaining it. How does staying active keep seniors healthy and independent?

Feeling younger for longer

We haven’t found the fountain of youth (yet), but regular exercise might be the next best thing. Many of the effects associated with aging, such as decreased energy levels and weakness, are due, in part, to the more sedentary lifestyle that many adopt later in life. The good news is that these effects can be slowed by exercise – even reversed! Staying active helps seniors maintain high energy levels and keep up with a younger crowd.

Exercise decreases the risk of heart disease

The heart is like any other muscle – exercise makes it stronger. The benefits of exercise, however, go far beyond a stronger heart. The body’s blood vessels widen and become more elastic, helping them carry more blood. In addition, physical activity can lower one’s blood pressure and help flush dangerous fats out of the bloodstream. In short, an active heart is a healthy heart. Learn more here.

Staying active can prevent debilitating injuries

A single fall can cause severe injuries for older adults, including broken bones. The solution, however, isn’t to live in a bubble. Active seniors have better balance and stronger bones, meaning they are both less likely to fall and less likely to be injured if they do fall.

Exercise improves your mood

Exercise causes your brain to release natural chemicals that make you feel better. Since some 20% of the elderly suffer from some form of depression, this powerful treatment shouldn’t be ignored. Exercise provides a safe way to decrease or eliminate the need for antidepressant medications.

Better self-esteem

An active, healthy, strong and happy senior has much to be proud of. Greater independence helps seniors to feel like they are in control of their lives and do not need to rely on others. This increased self-esteem contributes to a more satisfying life.

Starting an exercise program

Before starting any new exercise program, it’s important to talk to your doctor to find out what will be safe. In addition, a trained professional can help you design and follow through on your exercise routine. At Fedelta Home Care, we have over two decades of experience helping our clients maintain healthy, active lifestyles well into their senior years. Our home care professionals and caregivers located throughout the Puget Sound region are eager to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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