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Earth Day Life Enrichment Activities for Seniors

seniors celebrating earthday

Since 1970, over 140 countries around the world have celebrated Earth Day. Earth Day takes place every year on April 22nd and centers on environmental activism, sustainable practices and overall planet health. Earth Day is an opportune time to get creative about the environmental causes you want to take on and provides ample opportunity to reflect on what’s important to you and your community. 

Thinking about fun for the whole family, Earth Day is rife with life enrichment opportunities that can provide older adults physical activity as well as inspiration and purpose. It offers ample opportunities for adult children and grandkids to join in on the fun, too. It’s one of the most multi-generational friendly days of the year. 

All that said, here are three ways older adults and their families can join in on the fun of Earth Day and celebrate the wonders of our special planet.

Get Your Hands Dirty In The Garden

In the Puget Sound area, late April gardens are in full swing. Earth Day is a perfect time to plant spring vegetables like beets, carrots, radishes, broccoli and salad greens such as lettuce, kale or spinach. In addition, as summer approaches you may busy yourself with plans for warmer weather veggies like tomatoes and peppers. 

Whether you start the seeds yourself or pick up healthy seedlings at a local garden center, getting the whole family in the garden is a fun and rewarding way to celebrate Earth Day. Starting a small kitchen garden for herbs and your favorite vegetables can bring smiles to everyone. You may even look into joining a seed swap to come across unusual heirloom seeds you’ve never heard of. 

If gardening in your own backyard is a tad out of reach this year you may find yourself looking to indoor herb gardening. Herb gardens are easy to tend to and can be planted in a variety of vessels including clay or ceramic pots. You may even have something already laying around the house that you can repurpose like a woven basket, mason jar or tea tin. Take a look around and you may just surprise yourself. Nothing says Earth Day quite like repurposing a vessel for an herb garden. 

Visit A Local Farmer's Market

Shopping in your own backyard, so to speak, is an easy way to reduce emissions and pollution, plus shopping local and supporting your local economy is good for humankind. At the farmer’s market, you and your family can meet people who are growing locally and sustainably. Farmer’s markets are an exciting opportunity to see what grows in your region and get to know local craftsmen and shopkeepers. 

Sometimes, in addition to edible seasonal delights, farmer’s markets will feature live music, arts and crafts and even cocktail bars. Have fun shopping and getting the whole family to let loose together.

Join A Community Cleanup

Joining a community cleanup will not only help clear litter, but it’s a chance to teach grandkids and other little ones the importance of keeping the Earth clean. Getting the family together for a day of trash pickup will encourage positivity, discipline and self-sustainability. Plus, it’s a life enrichment activity that’s wholesome for the whole family. Along the way, you may meet friends to strengthen accountability for taking care of the Earth year-round. 

In addition to these special activities, there are ways to protect the Earth all the time such as limiting or eliminating single-use plastics, opting for reusable grocery bags and using natural cleaning products. Since sustainability has become more visible in recent years, you are probably familiar with the little things you can do to lead a green lifestyle. Even if you’re an expert on how to lead a green life, indulge in Earth Day by making an occasion of it! Round up the whole family to enjoy these life enrichment ideas for this meaningful day throughout the warmer months. 

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