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The Importance of Battling Heart Disease Early

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(Pictured are Rachel and her dad dancing at her wedding four years ago)

Heart disease impacts my family on a very personal level. To this day, I am thankful that my dad hasn’t given up the fight against heart disease. My dad started being affected by heart disease in his early 50s. At a very young age he had clogged arteries, surgery for 3 stents to open the arteries, and has already had a stroke. My family is very grateful that the stroke did not leave my dad paralyzed or with any neurological deficits.

Thankfully when my dad first started seeing signs of heart disease he knew he needed to make a drastic change in his lifestyle. It was winter and my family went up skiing, which we had done our entire lives. My dad wasn’t able to keep up because he felt like he couldn’t breathe. It was odd and a bit scary for all of us so the day skiing didn’t last too long. When my dad went to his doctor he realized that his arteries were clogged and he was really close to having a heart attack.

It was amazing to see my dad fight against his health knowing that he wanted to live a long life and has many years left to experience. He changed his eating habits, started exercising, and checks his blood pressure daily. My dad lost a considerable amount of weight within his first year of his new lifestyle and started feeling considerably better. While I know that my dad is always concerned about his health, I am thankful to see him living such a healthy lifestyle and to continue to be a part of my life.

My dad is living a healthy and active lifestyle to this day and I know it is because he hasn’t given up fighting against heart disease. He decided it was time to make a big change in the way he was eating, in making sure he was exercising, and going to the doctor regularly for health check-ups.

I personally believe that it is never too late to start taking care of your health. If you have been enjoying fast food, desserts, and unhealthy meals it might mean that you will battle heart disease later in life. It can be extremely hard to give those things up as you start to age, however you can make the choice like my dad to change those habits. He realized that it meant saving his life and living longer and it could for you too. Don’t wait to start protecting your heart.

If you are aging and having a hard time making sure your heart is staying healthy on your own there are resources available for you to have a unique care plan. Fedelta can discuss your heart disease symptoms, complications, and how to prevent future hospitalizations.

Additionally, you may find these resources useful in learning more about heart disease and preventing complications:

Please take heart disease seriously as you start to age. I am truly grateful that my dad decided to change his lifestyle so that he could take every preventative step to avoid hospitalizations due to heart complications. I know that my dad is healthy and alive today because he took his health seriously.

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