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5 Ways a Good Diet and Exercise Help You Deal with Aging

good diet for seniors

With new fad diets coming into style or being discredited all the time, it can be difficult to separate the good advice from the bad. While many diet and exercise trends focus on seeing short-term results as quickly as possible, seniors should be more interested in their long-term well-being. Can a good diet and regular exercise really help you cope with the effects of aging? Absolutely! Here are the top 5 reasons seniors should care about their exercise and eating decisions.

How diet and exercise can slow down the effects of aging

1.      More energy

If you’ve been experiencing drops in your energy levels, don’t just assume that it’s an unavoidable effect of aging. Like any finely-tuned machine, the human body runs best when it has quality fuel. It might just take a slight change in your eating habits to boost your energy levels up to (or beyond) where they were before. Likewise, regular exercise keeps your muscles and joints ready for action.

2.      Decreasing the risk of heart disease

Heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, claims over 600,000 lives every year. Fortunately, healthy living choices play a major role in slowing – or even reversing – the disease process. A heart-healthy diet combined with physical exercise can add many productive years to your life.

3.      Avoiding diabetes and its complications

Likewise, those who suffer from (or are at risk for) diabetes don’t have to let their life be defined by disease. Proper nutrition and exercise can let even those with severe illness lead active, fulfilling lives for many years to come.

4.      Increased independence

The effects of aging inevitably lead us to depend on others. For those who stay active and watch their eating habits, however, independence can be maintained for much longer. The simple pleasures of being able to drive yourself to the store or prepare your own meals are important to your mental well-being. If you keep up your energy levels through healthy eating habits and exercise, you’ll be able to maintain control of your life for some time.

5.      Better self-esteem

All of these elements combined will lead to greater feelings of satisfaction and self-worth. Though depression is more common in seniors than other age groups, it should not be viewed as a natural part of aging. On the contrary, it can generally be blamed on other disease processes, a loss of independence, or other preventable causes. If you maintain your health and independence through healthy living choices, you can expect a satisfying, fulfilling future.

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