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Picture of Ryota Nishino

Ryota Nishino

Digital Marketing Manager

Ryota Nishino has worked in digital marketing for over 3 years and brings a holistic business strategy to the table with his vast work experience. While new to the home care industry, he is passionate about providing the best care possible, because people deserve it.

Ryota holds a deep relationship with hospitality since his parents have owned a restaurant since 1995 in the Seattle area. Although Fedelta does not serve food, he feels the connection between the two industries – it’s all about excellent customer service which often correlates with empathy and care.

After graduating from the University of Puget Sound in 2020, he worked for an electric outboard company and assisted the VP of Business Development. Shortly after, he joined a digital marketing agency where he had the opportunity to work with various clients and help their business grow. 

All during this time, Ryota began his soccer coaching career with a local travel club. As you’d expect, he loves soccer and plays recreational adult soccer with his community after work.