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Keeping a Busy Schedule While Caring for a Loved One - You Can Do It!

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When caring for an aging or sick loved one, it’s natural to want to devote all your time and attention to their needs. But what about your needs? Between work, personal responsibilities and other duties, it can be hard to balance everything at once. If you need to maintain a busy personal schedule while also caring for a loved one, don’t give up. Here are some valuable tips that will help you care for all of your responsibilities at once.

How a professional caregiver can help with your busy schedule

Experts agree that even the most dedicated caregivers need a break. Though help from family and friends can ease the load, seeking professional help can give the entire family the relief that they need and deserve. Even better, there is an in-home care solution to fit every schedule and budget. Here are a few of your options:

Hourly care

If you just need a short break a few times a week or if your loved one’s care needs are limited, scheduling in-home care by the hour is likely the best choice for your family. Many families have their caregivers show up for just a few hours at a time, which is just enough to catch up with their busy schedules. Short shifts like this are perfect for those who need to work around a busy schedule.

Overnight care

For clients who need special care or attention after bedtime, overnight care is an excellent solution. Knowing that your loved one is safe and well-cared for at night can give your entire family some valuable peace of mind.

Live-in care

If your loved one requires more care and attention, arranging for full-time care will be much more economical than paying by the hour. Live-in caregivers can give around the clock assistance no matter what your loved one’s needs may be.

Short-term care

Live-in caregivers aren’t just there for your long-term needs. After all, if you are currently providing live-in care on your own, you will need to take some time off eventually, perhaps for a few days or weeks. When you are out of town on vacation or for other responsibilities, a trusted short-term caregiver can take over for you until you return.

Skilled nursing care

For those who need a higher level of care, we can arrange for an RN or LPN to visit your home. Whether to administer medications or to perform in-depth assessments and treatments, skilled nursing care can prevent unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office (or even a hospital admission).

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At Fedelta Home Care, we understand that extra effort is needed to balance caring for a loved one with your own busy schedule. As such, we are dedicated to providing flexible home care solutions that fit every family’s needs. To learn more about our home care providers in the Puget Sound region, contact us today.

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