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Picture of Flanna Perkins

Flanna Perkins

Chief Executive Officer

Flanna Perkins has worked in the human services industry for over 25 years. Her career began as a social worker supporting low-income families in the Head Start program. Her passion for serving vulnerable populations continued into the Long-Term Care (LTC) industry over 21 years ago. 

This move excited her because she believes people should live and age in place, and she loves being a job & career creator – the home care industry allowed her to do both. Her LTC career began as a home care supervisor, responsible for placing caregivers in the client’s home in need of service.  Her work early in her home care career was the foundation she used to build the rest of her career. 

Over the years, Flanna has had many roles in the home care industry, in addition to various leadership positions as an Executive Director, Regional Director, and Regional Vice President, with operational responsibility in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Oregon, and California. 

Recently, she became the CEO of Fedelta Home Care based in Seattle. Flanna is a tireless advocate for the needs of vulnerable people and home care workers, ensuring elected/government officials and other stakeholders understand how critical these services are in the health care continuum. 

Flanna is married with two children, Dom and Ty. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management. She also loves the outdoors, especially skiing, hiking, and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.