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End of Life Comfort & Care

Comfort and care during the end of life isn’t just possible, it’s practical.

As the end of life approaches, each person’s story is unique. It’s hard to know what to expect while searching for someone to provide comfort and manage pain. The decision to go home on hospice can cause anxiety, uncertainty, stress and unexpected emotions.

With the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing suffering, Fedelta’s professionally-trained caregivers and nurses provide essential support to families. Caregivers also help to facilitate activities that enrich the person’s life, while respecting the person’s wishes.

Our care team is there as an extension of your family, to provide the comfort care so essential at the end of life.

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Our Flexible end-of-life Care Plans Can Include:

prescription assistance

Medication Management

Managing medication and sticking to your doctor’s prescribed medication schedule can feel overwhelming and demanding. Our skilled nurses and caregivers are here to help you take the medication you need, when you need it. 

elderly couple home care

Life Enrichment

Our companion care team is a vibrant bunch always ready to provide comfort in times of uncertainty. We all desire emotional, social and spiritual wellness. This is especially true if you or a loved one is near the end of life. 

in home care

Nurse Delegation

Under Washington State law, a registered nurse can train a nursing assistant to perform certain tasks (medication administration, for example) that are usually restricted to a licensed nurse. This allows many caregivers to assist with tasks that may have become overwhelming or hard to manage. 

free care plan assessment

Goal Setting

Patient-centered goal setting is part of respecting a client’s wishes and medical preferences. Setting and monitoring health care goals help us maintain our dignity and independence while putting safety and health front-and-center of a customized care plan. 

Customized Care Built Just For You

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