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ALS Care Plan

After an ALS diagnosis many people find support for their ongoing physical and emotional changes through in-home care. Managing the progressive and often debilitating effects of ALS is not a journey anyone has to take alone. 

Providing safety and comfort through expertly trained caregivers and nurses for those living with ALS is our care management team’s priority. 

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We are more than our disease…

Fedelta’s total wellness approach to in-home care fosters independence, emphasizing better health in four key areas:

Our Flexible ALS Care Plans Can Include:

elderly care

Everyday Mobility

As we age we slow down a bit. It’s a natural part of life and having a skilled caregiver by your side can help you stay in the comfort of your own home peacefully and healthfully. Fedelta’s skilled caregivers are trained to assist with life’s everyday activities like eating, bathing, using the restroom and getting around the house. A slower pace of living is part of aging with ALS and our team is here to help you keep your daily routine in order.

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Goal Setting

Patient-centered goal setting is part of respecting a client’s wishes and medical preferences. Setting and monitoring health care goals help us maintain our dignity and independence while putting safety and health front-and-center of a customized care plan.

household assistance


Regular grooming routines and laundry often become arduous when you’re living with ALS. Caregivers can assist with a variety of essential daily activities like toileting, dressing, hair brushing and bathing.

companionship care


Exercise is the key to building strength, maintaining balance and increased mobility, especially as we age or in recovery from illness or injury. Fedelta’s caregivers are experienced in assisting people with light exercise routines and stretching. Or maybe you’re looking for a walking or urban hiking companion? We got you covered.

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Dietary Modifications

As we age it’s inevitable that our preferences and diets will evolve. This is especially true for those of us living with a chronic disease like ALS. Caregivers can assist with dietary and feeding modifications such as low appetite management and hand-feeding support to choking prevention.

Living well with ALS is possible and Fedelta can help you get there.

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